How does one measure the importance of mental health?

PsychotherapyAs a psychologist in private practice for 27 years in Prescott, Arizona, I have worked with hundreds of people looking to find peace from turmoil and answers about how to live a more fulfilling life.  A person enters psychotherapy because (s)he is unhappy and the unhappiness affects their personal and social life.  ‘Feeling good’ is a goal for all of us.  There are many stresses and events which affect our lives and can cause feelings of distress, anxiety, loneness and anger.  Marriage, personal and work-related concerns affects how we share with friends and loved ones.  Other times substance abuse can block the way to effective and healthy communication. Having a supportive family or social network is an important compliment to psychotherapy but these loved ones are not professionals who can provide appropriate established ways to assist with a healthier happier result.

Psychotherapy provides specialized treatment, understanding and techniques that are designed to offer effective enduring assistance for people suffering from a wide range of complexities.  One common element for all the people I work with is they want to feel better, think more positively, and create a healthier life.  This is not an easy task and takes time and commitment.   I am committed to working with people who are ready to ‘work hard’ to reach their goals.

The decision to begin psychotherapy is not made lightly.  Finding the best therapist for you should be done with caution. Trust and safety are the two most basic and foremost components to successful psychotherapy.  Referrals to my practice come from others who have worked with me, insurance carriers I contract with and professionals from other specialties to offer a complete approach to your health.  We now recognize that medical health and mental health work together to provide the best care for people and the communication between professionals is a powerful tool in our tool chest.

Starting psychotherapy takes courage and is a strong sign of personal strength.  Speaking to someone about your most intimate concerns requires inner strength and notes an investment in yourself to change destructive patterns and gain the tools to have a rich fulfilling life ahead.

If you choose to begin psychotherapy for yourself or as a couple or family, contact my office for an appointment.  If I cannot provide the service you desire, I will refer you to someone I trust to assist with your journey.


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