How does one measure the importance of mental health?

Private Practice
My professional practice has been in Prescott, AZ for 32 years. Prescott and the ‘quad-city’ area of Northern Arizona have grown considerably and so has the need to provide professional confidential psychological services. I work with adults and provide care for transitional issues, ongoing individual psychological disorders affecting relationships, employment and psychological distress related to medical disorders including dementia.

Individual Therapy
Entering into a professional therapeutic relationship requires courage, trust and a desire for accepting potential change which may alter your daily life or adjust longer range planning. Several sessions of therapy may be dedicated to creating a trusting and safe relationship between the therapist and client. Together, we seek to identify and create plans to reach personal, social and professional goals. Individual therapy sessions can use utilize several modalities depending on the concerns facing the client. The length of time a person may be involved in therapy depends on a number of factors which become apparent as treatment unfolds.

Couples Therapy
Couples’ therapy differs from individual therapy as we focus on concerns regarding the relationship. Some of the more common difficulties arise through poor communication, intimacy conflicts, changes in medical financial or family health, or decisions to separate and restart life without each other.

Crisis Intervention
There are times in people’s lives that a situation arises and one feels unable to cope with the immediate emotions or find a way to work out a solution to the problem without professional help. The major goals of crisis intervention are to assure safety, stabilize the person or situation and to assist in the implementation of a plan to change the situation. This may involve family or close friends and additional professional help. Crisis intervention is a temporary aide and bridges to more lasting forms of assistance.

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