Alzheimer’s Shadow 2013

Alzheimer’s Shadow

Families Facing Critical Decisions

by Dr. Mitchell L. Gelber

Alzheimer’s Shadow: Families Facing Critical Decisions written by Dr. Mitchell Gelber offers safe practical ways to ensure critical quality care to families with a loved one suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.  Decreasing abilities of a person with Alzheimer’s weighs heavily on each family member and tests the families’ strength and determination to work through the challenges. From initial acknowledgment of Alzheimer’s through the unforgiving stages a family must negotiate as the disease progresses, the author uses sensitivity and clarity in easy to read case studies.  Practical insightful questions assist readers to develop their own strategies to adapt to each stage of the disease.  Alzheimer’s Shadow: Families Facing Critical Decisions will provide sound, loving and sensible support to help make informed decisions.  This book offers a practical approach to maintain the integrity and safety of the person affected with Alzheimer’s, while providing the love, understanding, and care that all family members deserve.

Specific focus includes:

  • Coping with the diagnosis and adjustment  to disease progression
  • Understanding what to expect in each stage of the disease
  • Talking to children and grandchildren about Alzheimer’s disease
  • Families working to maintain dignity and physical health of loved ones with Alzheimer’s
  • Maintaining safety in the home
  • When placement in a secure environment is necessary
  • Benefits from valuable local and social network resources

Dr. Gelber draws from over 20 years of clinical work with Alzheimer’s disease including consultation with skilled facilities, providing seminars and training to health professionals and has served as vice president on the Board of Directors of the Alzheimer’s Association serving Arizona and Nevada.

Alzheimer’s Shadows: Families Facing Critical Decisions, can be purchased locally at Peregrine Book Store,, or by contacting Dr. Gelber at (928) 777-0919 or

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