About Dr. Mitchell Gelber

Dr. Mitchell Gelber is a licensed psychologist with a practice in Prescott, Arizona. He graduated from the University of Maine with Doctorate in Education in 1987. Dr. Gelber is a founding Board Member of the Board of Directors for The Southwest Chapter of The Alzheimer’s Association serving Arizona and Nevada. In 2004, he established the first Youth Program in Arizona dedicated to educating children of all ages about the effects of Alzheimer’s disease. He consults with skilled nursing facilities in northern Arizona and conducts seminars on dementia and other geriatric mental health concerns.


3 thoughts on “About Dr. Mitchell Gelber

  1. I need to talk to you and finish my therapy
    It’s been almost 30 years.

  2. Hello Mitch this is Brian Brecto. Wanted to meet with you regarding my IOP program here in Prescott and see what interest you may have in being part of the program.

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